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What Are My Principles?

Listed below are the major ideals I hold to, presented as ideas for corrective legislation. I am Social Democrat, and proudly so.

Have at it, faithful readers! Here is a link to a Reddit post I made about this topic.

Here’s what I posted there. Feel free to comment here or there.

These are some ideas I had when contemplating this post. Some may turn out to be impractical for one reason or another. Some are more state-level issues than national issues.

General Items

* Universal health insurance with a single-payer system.

* Education reform including free or nearly free university education, extension of school days, severely restricting for-profit “colleges”, reform of student loans, restoration of loan programs eliminated by Congress in the last ten years

* A year of national service by all Americans in either a military or non-military capacity (AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, etc)

* A restoration of New Deal legislation repealed since 1981

* Major banking reform, including the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act

* Reduction and when possible elimination of U.S. armed forces based overseas

* Legalization, regulation, and taxation of naturally occurring narcotics.

* Release and rehabilitation for those convicted of and serving time in prison for non-violent drug offenses, with local control of who is released

* Reduction of the length of copyright to the life of the artist plus twenty-five years

* Elimination of the current US Senate filibuster procedures

* Immediate return to the levels of taxation levied by Congress in 1993, with further tax reforms in the future

* Federal marriage equality

* Major public-private investment in infrastructure repairs

* Value Added Tax

**Political Reform:**

* Term limits for all elected officials and a mandatory retirement age of 75 for all federal justices and judges

* Repeal of Citizens United

* Constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as a living person

* Changing the day of federal and state elections to Saturday and/or Sunday; or make Election Day a mandatory federal holiday

* Moving elections from November to May, and restricting presidential campaigns to January through April in presidential election years, including primaries and conventions; and beginning new Congressional and presidential terms on June 1st (or July 4th)

* Holding 6 regional primaries in rotating order every presidential election year

* Add 2 more senators for the top 10 most populous states, and 1 additional senator for the next 15 states.

* Extend the terms of the House of Representatives to 4 years and the Senate to 8, with an appropriate limit of terms, and the Presidency to 6 years, limited to a singe term.

* Public funding of all federal campaigns and a ban on corporate donations to political campaigns

* A constitutional amendment protecting “net neutrality”

* Use of alternative vote. (added in edit)

There is a Social Democrats, USA website, but it does not appear to have been updated since 2011.


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