(Gavel banging…) Hello all, after reading today about the split between the FBI and the CIA over the intent of the Russian hacking (the FBI is saying things are, to quote, “fuzzy”), I’ve been thinking about some questions that really do need answering and I was hoping we could all discuss them. Here are the questions I have so far about everything (please add your own as well as any additional information):
1. Why hasn’t FBI director Comey resigned? Why haven’t people been calling for him to resign in a significant way? Most importantly, why hasn’t President Obama fired him?
2. DJT seems entirely uninterested in the official part of the job; according to reports I’ve read, he’s leaving it to Pence. Therefore, does this mean (a) Trump intends to resign immediately for some reason, or (b) does he believe he won’t be president based on some insider information? Is there some sort of plan in place for a quick transition to Pence, and because of this he’s just not bothering to even pretend to be interested?
3. What is the possible motive behind Trump’s simple dismissal of the charges of Russian hacking? In other words, making no real case, simply brushing it aside?
4. Why have so many leadings politicians been rather silent on the fact that there are white nationalists in leading positions in the transition and planned for the White House?
5. Why is the reprehensible Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) the only conservative I’m seeing who’s saying that the Russian hacking must be investigated because it is a serious problem? Why are our politicians so compliant to what some people have said is a Putin-backed coup? How can they not be up in arms so to speak? Why are they silent? How does this make any sense?
6. Here’s a comment: I believe that the best thing Hillary Clinton can do is to publicly “release her electors”; she could say “I hope they vote for me, but I believe its in the nation’s best interest that I release them from their pledge to me and ask that they vote in the nation’s best interests in agreement with other electors.” Wouldn’t’ this immediate change the game? Thoughts?
7. Why is DJT intentionally damaging our relationship with China? What is the point of that? Why drive a wedge between an important trading partner for no apparent reason?
8. Putin has had all of the resources of a super power since 2000; what could he have accomplished in that time behind the scenes, with such vast resources?
9. Why is Hilary Clinton so acquiescent in all of this? Why did they surrender so easily, especially with so many questions hanging over the election, in addition to the popular vote total? Is she so mentally weak that she can’t buck up and start fighting back? Or what?
Thank you.