I am a political historian.  To best understand why I believe we as a nation are close to catastrophe, may I first suggest two sources of my argument for your perusal: firstly, a free copy of my book, “A Modest Proposal for the Dissolution of the United States of America: How the Reagan Revolution Destroyed Us and How to Salvage What Remains.”  (Please feel free to share the link with anyone you’d like.  It’s free); secondly, the video of my recent lecture (11/1/16), “What I Saw At Brexit: The Rise of Racist Populism and the Fall of Neo-Liberalism in the United Kingdom and the United States.”  These will best explain why I now commence a Diary of the Last Days of our Republic.  This is entry #1, and it shall be titled —

Alas, Babylon!

Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: “‘Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!’— Revelations 18:10.

The Hour of Doom is near at hand.  I co-founded a group, “Better Elections Now!”, to join the nation-wide effort to convince the Presidential Electors to choose Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on December 19th (or a fusion ticket of some sort).  This group and others have done what we can, so far, to push this message.  It may work, it may not.  I think we have to be able to say we tried at the very least.

If Donald Trump is elected, here is what I foresee, as a political historian:

  1. His policies, together with Republican policies, will largely if not entirely be enacted.
  2. These policies, according to many economists, will only make the economy worse. Tax cuts for the wealthy, increased defense spending, and steep cuts to remaining social services and federal regulatory authority together will destabilize he economy further.
  3. A worsening economy almost always brings on civil disruption.  Republican policies are designed to bring on civil disruption as an excuse to impose an authoritarian regime.  This is because their economic platform (and largely of the Democrats, too), Neo-Liberlaism, has failed. The Reagan Revolution failed, and our political class can no longer provide general prosperity.  To stay in power, the oligarchy of the wealthiest among us will need to resort to authorities means.  Therefore it is in their interest, in the face of a failing economy, to engage in authoritarianism.  It is their only choice.  This has been demonstrated again and again in human history.  Naturally the best example is Weimar Germany, but there are others.
  4. Authoritarianism needs an “enemy” to thrive.  That means either (a) a war, potentially a world war, or (b) a civil war against anti-Trump/Republican/Whatever “forces.”

I cannot guess what the chances are of the Presidential Electors changing the outcome.  We can only hope a nationwide conversation changes their minds.  Otherwise we hurtle towards crisis and war as others before us have, even in the recent past.

Alas, Babylon! None of it was necessary. Alas.