I do not usually post personal commentary, as you know.  I read a wide variety of news sources every day, and enjoy posting good articles I come across.  It’s a simple process: a few clicks and the link is posted with a headline.  Constants readers will, I hope, enjoy the recent redesign.

Now to my rare commentary for the bright, humid August afternoon.

Firstly, I hope you have taken a moment to check out my book, A Modest Proposal for the Dissolution of the United States of America: How the Reagan Revolution Destroyed Us, and How to Salvage What Remains, only because it would save both of us some time.  Suffice it to say that I investigated and described the myriad of ways the United States has devolved into an oligarchy, how and why the Reagan Revolution destroyed the New Deal and the Social Contract, and how the Republican Party lost its mind and has degenerated into its present state.  (There’s more, but for the purposes of this post, those are the most relevant points.)

Secondly, this election has demonstrated that our political system is too corrupt and too dysfunctional to properly reflect the will of the American people.  This is a common problem throughout history, as all things man-made fail over time.  Each system that preceded capitalism (and specifically “neoliberalism”) had their good points and their bad points, but the passage of time saw each fade and give birth to its successor.  Thus “free-market capitalism” replaced Mercantilism as the dominate world trade system.  Capitalism has, and had, some great elements, but many downsides.  One, identified first by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communism Manifesto, is the inevitable concentration of wealth in a few hands over time.  This has demonstrably occurred in the United States.  This has led to a concentration of power in a few hands, at the expense of the electorate.

This cannot be allowed to continue.

Please join me in demanding the calling of a Constitutional Convention, under the following terms:

-Delegates elected in re-drawn, non-gerrymandered districts;

-Delegates are elected using ranked choice or other proportional method of voting;

-Full public financing of all delegate campaigns, with a ban on any outside contributions from any source;

-The assumption of the duties of the United States Congress by the Convention following the convocation, with the express power to void the United States Supreme Court decision Citizens’ United;

-Instructions for the delegates to include the drafting of a new federal constitution with an aim to devolve powers from the federal government to regional (i.e. multi-state) governments.

I believe this is the best forward for all of us.  Please do what you can.  I will set up a petition or a Facebook page in the following days.