One fascinating recent discovery in political science research is that partisans increasingly believe in conspiracy theories when their party is out of office. Seven years into the Obama administration, some researchers say that pattern can help explain why Donald Trump is so popular.In the Republican debate Thursday night, Trump invoked a new conspiracy theory using just eight syllables, the kind of phrasing that can flame anxieties without actually saying anything specific.”There’s something going on, and it’s bad,” Trump said.Trump has used the same phrase repeatedly during the campaign. “There’s something going on with him that we don’t know about,” he recently said of Obama. “There’s something going on in the mosques,” he told an audience in Myrtle Beach, S.C. in November. “There’s definitely something going on,” he said again a few days later, when asked about Islam.Trump never quite says exactly what he thinks might be going on, though. He doesn’t need to. The key is to raise suspicion.

Source: Donald Trump apparently has a brand-new conspiracy theory – The Washington Post