A brief but telling statement about Donald Trump’s early years, courtesy of a former high school classmate:“He didn’t mingle with the rest of the corps who were not as high ranked. He lived in a different set of barracks.”I’m drawing attention to this quote because it highlights my main observation about Trump’s candidacy. He is not, despite the protestations of his most zealous supporters, a truth-teller of any kind. If he has meaningful convictions, he has yet to share them with the public. All that we know for certain about Trump is that he likes attention, wealth, and power… and, like most individuals who insatiably possess those cravings, he is willing to resort to sordid means in the hope of attaining them.At some point in his life, it occurred to him that one particularly effective method would be to run for president. This is where his right-wing racism comes into play.

Source: Donald Trump is conning us all: The man believes in nothing but his own will to power – Salon.com