This article originally appeared on Media Matters.Risking severe whiplash injuries, Fox News and the rest of the conservative media have tried to execute a sudden about-face following the Planned Parenthood terror attack in Colorado Springs last week. Scrambling for political cover in the wake of the gun rampage and news that alleged shooter Robert Dear likely targeted Planned Parenthood for political purposes, conservative commentators quickly rewrote their long-held talking points about inciting violence.Here’s the spin that the conservative press, along with the Republican Party, is now desperately trying to push: When you call people “baby killers” and “murderers” and claim organizations sell “baby parts” for profit, you’re in no way promoting violence. And you’re in no way responsible if a like-minded person takes matters into his own hands, opens fire on a Planned Parenthood facility, shoots eleven people, murders three, and then reportedly makes reference to “no more baby parts” when the carnage is over.There is no connection between acts of political violence and extremist rhetoric. It’s simply “unfair.” Or so goes the Fox News mantra this week.

Source: Fox News is lying to itself: Its violent rhetoric really is putting lives at risk –