I drove up to Fort Dodge, Iowa, from Des Moines Thursday night in search of the Donald Trump magic that has so captivated voters here and nationwide. What I found was a festival of the bizarre and a Trumpian rant for the ages.Lines to get into the Trump rally at the Iowa Central Community College stretched deep into the parking lots as hawkers peddled “Make America Great Again” hats, t-shirts and buttons. The faithful, an almost uniformly white and largely blue-collar crowd, braved strong winds and chilly temperatures as they clutched Trump’s latest book and waited to crowd into the small arena.“I like him because he says what everyone else is thinking but won’t say,” said Lindie Phipps, a self-described “poor dirt farmer” from Boxholm, Iowa, population 200. “I love the immigration stuff and his confidence and strength.”Phipps’s wife Julie, who runs a catering business, said Trump would take the country back for average Americans. “It’s supposed to be ‘We the People,’ not ‘We the Government.’ He’s rich and hasn’t had to go through our struggles but he understands us.”

Source: What Trump’s bizarre Iowa tirade looked like up close – POLITICO