Make no mis­take: Jeb Bush’s de­cision to dra­mat­ic­ally cut cam­paign payroll and re­fo­cus his ef­forts on New Hamp­shire is a sig­ni­fic­ant set­back for the one­time GOP pres­id­en­tial fron­trun­ner.  The Bush cam­paign’s hope of run­ning an op­tim­ist­ic, gen­er­al-elec­tion-style primary cam­paign hit the real­ity that Re­pub­lic­an voters are look­ing for a nom­in­ee who bet­ter re­flects their an­ger at Wash­ing­ton and the polit­ic­al status quo.   With stag­nant polling lead­ing to donor anxi­ety, the cur­rent for­mula was un­sus­tain­able for the long haul.  And un­like Wis­con­sin Gov. Scott Walk­er, the Bush cam­paign rightly re­cog­nizes that the Re­pub­lic­an field is so volat­ile that it pays to re­tool a strug­gling ef­fort – and take the short-term hits that will come with it.

Source: Why Jeb Bush’s Staff Shakeup Is So Alarming