An email I just sent to my students:

Hi all,

While I was doing the elliptical and listening to music just now, I had an idea I thought I’d share with you. THIS IS NOT ABOUT CLASS SO YOU CAN IGNORE IT.

One idea that you could follow up on, to make a difference in our country today, is actually quite simple: demand that there be non-partisan instant fact-checking at all Presidential debates, primaries and general.

This would mean that after a candidate answers a question, a non-partisan group (best choice is PolitiFact) immediately fact-checks the candidate’s facts, figures, etc, and announces any discrepancies. A uniform standard should apply to all candidates for President (or for every elective office).

You could start a group to support this idea on campus (or off), and get people you know involved. This is a non-partisan issue, and it would really help the nation to have instant fact-checking.

You could use the hashtage ‪#‎CheckTheFacts‬, or ‪#‎JustTheFacts‬, or something along those lines.

You could set up a FaceBook group, or a twitter account, or even a simple webpage that describes why this is important. Get friends at other schools involved, and start demanding that these debates be fact-checked. It would make a huge difference to our country.

Another prong of attack woudl be to demand a constittuional convention, or at least full public financing of all campaigns so that people don’t have to raise money to run for office, or an end to gerrymandering in all states. These things are also non-partisan.

If you do start a group, I would be happy to help, but I can only advise, I cannot lead.

Anyway, sorry, this just occured to me and I honestly don’t know who else to tell about it. Sorry for clogging your inbox, and have a great weekend.