As if Joe Biden weren’t enough for them, the establishment media has found a new distraction to keep them from talking about Bernie Sanders and his surging issue-based campaign, which now has an army of 200,000 volunteers. The distraction is California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, who has given absolutely no sign of interest in running—in fact, he ruled it out in January 2014. He’s also 77, and would easily be the oldest president ever elected, if he were to change his mind, run and win.But Michael Kinsley at Vanity Fair and Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post have both written pieces pushing for Brown to run, while the Weekly Standard used a Brown quote out of context—“You could have a lot of surprises”—as a subhead to support its baseless story “Jerry Brown Considering Running for President?”In context, Brown was responding to questioning about endorsing someone else—not getting into the race himself. When asked if he’s endorsed anyone, “like Hillary Clinton, for example?” Brown responded, “No. I haven’t endorsed anybody. I will say, though, about the Clintons, with some experience, they are very formidable, and I would not underestimate Hillary Clinton.” He went on to say, “I’m enjoying the luxury of being on the sidelines.”

Source: Fear of a Bernie Sanders presidency: How the silly elite media creates phony stories to dodge real issues –