With today’s resignation of Speaker Boehner, I can say as a historian that we have crossed the threshold into the Final Act of our national drama.  We have about a year left — at most — until the chaos hits.  Why?

#1. With Boehner gone, a Tea Party member will likely emerge as Speaker, second in line to the Presidency.

#2. The Democrats will win in 2016, and the GOP largely wiped out, at least outside the lower south.

Therefore, the Oligarchy must act before or immediately after the election of 2016, just about a year away.


#1. Oust President Obama and Vice President Biden by some means and make the Speaker President. The new President will declare martial law and cancel the elections all together.

#2. Wait until the election, and void its results by some means.

They have no other options, unless they yield to the will of the electorate.  No ruling class ever yields unless it has no option; we know from press reports that there are at least factions of our military that would support dictatorship, and a faction of our population.  This will result in civil war, or a secession crisis, or an external war of some sort.

See you on the other side.