As we celebrate Labor Day 2015, it’s worth pausing to consider which candidate running for president best represents the working class. The Republicans, despite their folksy rhetoric, are the party of Big Business. For decades, their policies have undermined the economic interests of their social base. They support corporate tax cuts; they push trade deals that outsource jobs to low-wage countries; they oppose raising the minimum wage; they want to shrink social safety nets; they refuse to invest in America’s crumbling infrastructure and their pro-corporate policies, which masquerade as small government initiatives, have increased income inequality and put the squeeze on the middle class.If you doubt the GOP’s indifference to working and middle class issues, re-watch the last Republican presidential debate. Among the many things not mentioned were campaign finance, the wealth gap, institutional corruption and student debt. These are all problems that disproportionately harm working class voters; Republicans ignore them because their policies are responsible for them and because they don’t have (or desire) solutions.

Source: Bernie Sanders is the cantankerous champion American labor needs: Why he’s the most authentic pro-worker warrior –