Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a tough fall ahead.The Democratic National Committee (DNC) chief is under fire from some of the top Democratic presidential hopefuls over her handling of the primary debates, and she’s facing a huge decision over whether to support President Obama’s historic nuclear deal with Iran.Those issues highlight the difficulties facing the six-term Florida Democrat as she juggles her responsibilities to the president she supports, the constituents she represents and the broader party she’s leading into the high-stakes 2016 elections.Wasserman Schultz’s primary role as DNC head is to devise a campaign message that unifies the Democrats and distinguishes their priorities from those of the Republicans in the eyes of voters. But both the debate controversy and the Iran vote have distracted from that objective, threatening to undermine the show of Democratic unity even as party leaders are calling attention to the deep divisions in the GOP.

Source: DNC chief faces perilous fall | TheHill