Conservative media are embroiled in a blame game over the rise of Donald Trump as a legitimate contender to be the 2016 Republican nominee, and while many on the right promoted his candidacy, Trump’s greatest ally has been Fox News itself.

After Erick Erickson disinvited Donald Trump to his annual RedState Gathering over Trump’s sexist attacks on Fox News anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly,The Wall Street Journal editorial board called out Erickson for helping legitimize Trump’s candidacy in the first place. Erickson “trumpeted the businessman as a political tonic,” the Journal wrote, noting how the conservative blogger is part of “a strain on the right that has put Trumpian bluster above political reality” and “helped to create Trumpism.” And yet it’s these conservative media pundits “who indulged him [that] now claim to be embarrassed.”

Right-wing bloggers like Erickson have definitely played a role in hyping Trump — just refer back to Erickson’s blog titled, “Yes, I Would Vote for Donald Trump For President” — but Trump’s rise has been sanctioned by a much bigger ally: Fox News.

via Fox News And The Conservative Media Blame Game Over Trump’s Rise | Blog | Media Matters for America.