A pickup truck was headed East on the Tex Wash bridge in southern California when the bridge suddenly collapsed on Sunday from flooding. As the Tex Wash crumpled, it hit an adjacent bridge on its westbound side. Now, Interstate 10, the main connector between southern California and Phoenix, Arizona, is closed indefinitely. One person was injured, hundreds were stranded, and motorists traveling from California to Arizona will have to go hundreds of miles out of their way, according to USA Today. And if there’s one huge takeaway we need to be paying attention to, it’s that accidents such as this point to widespread infrastructure issues in America.

The nation’s infrastructure is literally crumbling, as bridges collapse, dams fail, and highways remain congested. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released its most recent Report Card for America’s Infrastructure in 2013, and the results aren’t good. The best grade the United States received was a B- for solid waste (solid trash removal), and the ratings just keep going down.

via The United States’ Infrastructure Is Failing Dramatically, But No One Is Paying Attention | Bustle.