You should all read “The Communist Manifesto.” Karl Marx got a lot right in his interpretation of what’s happened under (relatively) unregulated capitalism (and lax enforcement). Wealth became concentrated, and the people with nothing are blamed for economic woes. This is obviously ridiculous and a trick by the ruling class. They cut taxes for the wealthy, which robbed the government of revenue, which lead to deep cuts in social safety net programs, which meant less people had disposable income, so they couldn’t afford to buy anything which put people out of work. Add to that the Wall Street criminals (and not one has gone to jail) destroying the financial system, and here we are. It really is that simple.

The 50s were the “best” according to everyone — the same decade when the New Deal was in full place (with some minor changes) and unions were strong and businesses were better regulated (in some respects). The New Deal made the 50s the 50s. We stripped it away and arrived back at the 1920s. How sad and shortsighted we were. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.