Deadbeat dad and Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh is at it again. Involving himself in issues he is woefully unqualified to be involved in, Walsh sat in his chair during the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on birth control last week and complained about President Obama’s new rules about contraceptives.

As part of Darrell Issa’s inquisition, no women were permitted to testify about birth control. Instead, the Republican head hunter invited a bunch of He-Man woman haters, also known as religious bigots, to speak on the issue of birth control, even though they lack the necessary anatomy to actually qualify to speak at such a hearing. According to Huffington Post:

“Walsh told the all-male panel that President Barack Obama’s plan to eliminate co-pays for birth control was an attack on religious freedom.

“This is not about women. This is not about contraceptives. We know, you’ve said it, we’ve said it up here. This is about religious freedom. This is about religious liberties,” Walsh told the panel.”

via Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Says Debate Over Birth Control Has Nothing To Do With Women (VIDEO) | Addicting Info.