In the past week, Newt Gingrich has been in the spotlight, both for his arguably racist rhetoric (his janitorial jobs for urban kids plan and his insistence on calling Obama “the food-stamp president”) and for his ex-wife’s revelation that Newt proposed an open marriage while already in the middle of an affair with a young House staffer, which reinvigorated the stories of Gingrich’s philandering and cruelly timed divorces from two separate women with life-threatening illnesses. He also snapped at Thursday night’s debate when asked about his ex-wife’s interview. This is the type of attention that could kill a campaign, and yet the people of South Carolina are loving it! Polls show Gingrich’s support surging so high that he may even be on track to beat Mitt Romney in Saturday’s primary. Even Romney strategist Stuart Stevens has confirmed this idea. “Do I think we could lose South Carolina? Sure. Of course,” he told CNN, insisting the question shouldn’t be whether Romney could lose in South Carolina, it should be “Does he have a chance in South Carolina?”

via Gingrich Gains In South Carolina – The Daily Beast.