#WalkerTheDog: Wisconsin worst in nation on shrinking middle class : Ct

If you feel like you’re working harder for less money, it’s not your imagination.

Wisconsin ranks worst among the 50 states in terms of a shrinking middle class, with real median household incomes here falling 14.7 percent since 2000, according to a new report.

The Pew Charitable Trust report showed Wisconsin with the largest decline in the percentage of families considered “middle class,” or those earning between 67 and 200 percent of their state’s median income.

In 2000, 54.6 percent of Wisconsin families fell into the middle class category but that has fallen to 48.9 percent in 2013, according to U.S. Census figures compiled by Pew.

All other states showed some decline but none as great as Wisconsin’s 5.7 percent figure.

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#TedCruzCampaignSlogans: How Ted Cruz went from candidate to cautionary tale – CSMonitor.com

A Georgetown University media and politics expert says that Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas just went from presidential hopeful to a fable about the political risks of social media.

On Monday, the senator announced his candidacy for US president on Twitter, a platform used by many politicians to announce their election bids.

But this time, the hostility from Twitter was unprecedented. Diana Owen, associate professor of communication, culture, and technology at Georgetown University, describes it as “not like anything we’ve seen before.”

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Critics, Fans Try Out #TedCruzCampaignSlogans – Washington Wire – WSJ

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) probably wanted to trend on Twitter the day he announced his bid for president, but he likely didn’t expect it in the way that happened Monday.

On Sunday night, Mr. Cruz tweeted that a big announcement was coming soon – and to watch his Twitter account for updates. Because news that he would announce he was running on Monday had already been widely publicized, people almost immediately started tweeting campaign slogan ideas for his White House bid using the hashtag #TedCruzcampaignslogans.

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The 6 most evil presidents in US history who aren’t George W. Bush

Evil, like beauty, is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

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These Students ‘Stand with Rand’ at Ted Cruz’s 2016 Announcement – NationalJournal.com

March 23, 2015 LYNCHBURG, Va.—Sen.  Ted Cruz took the stage to declare his presidential candidacy at Liberty University Monday, surrounded by upwards of 10,000 cheering students. They weren’t all here by choice.

Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in “Stand With Rand” shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here.

“Of course, you want it to appear as if you have a large audience,” said Eli McGowan, who organized the not-so-subtle protest. “We felt like if we didn’t wear shirts showing our true political preference then the media might think we all supported Cruz.”

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Want to Rebuild the Left? Take Socialism Seriously | The Nation

As the sun set on the Occupy Seattle encampment in December 2011, the question “What next?” hung in the air, as it did over Zuccotti Park in New York City. The tents were gone, our spirits were dampened, but an awakened sense of empowerment prevailed.

The movement had given voice to a widespread fury at big business and a recognition of the gaping class divide. Key to Occupy’s success were the thousands of young people who had helped elect President Obama and had completed their own first steps toward achieving the American Dream, only to see their college degrees translate into crushing student debt and poverty wages.

Inside and outside the encampments, discussions about the moral bankruptcy of Wall Street began to evolve into questions about the viability of capitalism itself. A revived search for an alternative had begun.

Socialism has been declared dead many times. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the ensuing collapse of the “communist” regimes in Eastern Europe, the global capitalist elite launched an unprecedented ideological offensive. The obituary was written not only for socialism, but for the basic ideas of collective struggle by the working class.

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“I Might Have Some Sensitive Files”: The Strange Saga And Dark Secrets Of Matt DeHart – BuzzFeed News

On the evening of April 3, 2013, a battered blue pickup truck slowly crossed a bridge from International Falls, Minnesota, to the border station at Fort Frances, Ontario. The family inside — a clean-cut middle-aged couple and their dark-haired 28-year-old son — looked like any other vacationers heading north. The father handed over their IDs to the border guards. “We need the protection of the Canadian government under the U.N. convention against torture,” he said. “Because our son was tortured by the FBI.”

It sounded like something out of a Soviet-era spy thriller. Yet the family making the request couldn’t have been more all-American. Paul DeHart, a church pastor, was a retired Air Force intelligence analyst whose work was overseen by the National Security Agency. His wife, Leann, was a former Army voice interceptor. Paul explained that Matthew, their only child, had followed in their footsteps, poring over spy data gathered by drones in the Middle East for the Indiana Air National Guard. They had just driven through the night from their home in Indiana, Paul said, because they were fleeing the country they had once pledged to serve.

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