The Tribune of the People Proudly Endorses Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2016


Do I even need to explain why?

Trump is a Fascist, a Liar, a Degenerate, and a Thin-Skinned Asshole


DNC chief faces perilous fall | TheHill

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a tough fall ahead.The Democratic National Committee (DNC) chief is under fire from some of the top Democratic presidential hopefuls over her handling of the primary debates, and she’s facing a huge decision over whether to support President Obama’s historic nuclear deal with Iran.Those issues highlight the difficulties facing the six-term Florida Democrat as she juggles her responsibilities to the president she supports, the constituents she represents and the broader party she’s leading into the high-stakes 2016 elections.Wasserman Schultz’s primary role as DNC head is to devise a campaign message that unifies the Democrats and distinguishes their priorities from those of the Republicans in the eyes of voters. But both the debate controversy and the Iran vote have distracted from that objective, threatening to undermine the show of Democratic unity even as party leaders are calling attention to the deep divisions in the GOP.

Source: DNC chief faces perilous fall | TheHill

Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million Halliburton bribery case –

LAGOS, NIGERIANigeria’s anti-corruption police said on Thursday they planned to file charges against former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in a $180 million bribery case involving a former unit of oil services firm Halliburton.The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday summoned the country chief of Halliburton and last week detained 10 Nigerian and expatriate Halliburton staff for questioning after raiding its Lagos office.”We are filing charges against Cheney,” EFCC spokesman Femi Babafemi told Reuters, but declined to give any further details on what the charges were, or where they would be filed.

Source: Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million Halliburton bribery case –

Scott Walker’s Black Lives Matter Adviser Calls Movement ‘Black Slime’ | Right Wing Watch

At the first Republican presidential debate last month, the Fox News moderators asked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about the Black Lives Matter movement. As we noted at the time, Walker’s answer seemed bland but contained a coded message for regular Fox News viewers : that he had discussed the issue “many times” with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a frequent Fox News guest who specializes in denying racial disparities in the criminal justice system and in criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Source: Scott Walker’s Black Lives Matter Adviser Calls Movement ‘Black Slime’ | Right Wing Watch

RESOURCE CRISIS: Why Johnny can’t understand climate: functional illiteracy and the rise of “unpropaganda”

The “official” story that you normally find about “literacy” is that people all over the world are becoming more and more literate, that is, more and more able to read and write. Yet, there is another side to literacy: it is the concept termed, “literacy proficiency” that classifies people according to their ability to understand what they read.A recent survey on this point has been published by OCSE. It is a massive document of 460+ pages that examines the abilities of understanding and processing text by citizens of OCSE countries. The result is a subdivision in 5 “literacy levels,” as you see in the figure at the beginning of this post. You can find the exact definition of these levels on page 64 of the document, but, summarizing, the lowest levels, below 1, 1, and 2, are relative to people able to arrive only at the simplest levels of understanding of a text. Even at level 3, one may be able to perform inferences based on the text being read, but the texts are said to contain “no conflicting information”. Only at levels 4 and 5, some capability of critically discerning data from competing information is required.As usual, whatever you read on the Web should be evaluated with plenty of caution. What is the reliability of these data? Why five levels and not more, or less? What do these results mean? Digesting the long OECD report is not an easy task, but I think that, first of all, we can say what this classification is not: those who don’t reach the highest levels are not necessarily stupid. For instance, my gypsy friends would fare very badly on the test, since most of them are really illiterate, not just functionally. But I can assure you that they are extremely smart, just of a different kind of smartness.Then, the gist of the OECD paper is not rocket science: the tests just measure people’s ability to process written text and extract its meaning And if you are classed at, say, level 2, it means that you failed the tests for level 3, for instance showing that you are able to “construct meaning across larger chunks of text”. And if you are classed level 3, it means you failed the tests for level 4, for instance to identify and define “competing information”. In short, it seems that, everywhere in the OECD countries, most people (typically more than 90% of the population) are not able to critically evaluate contrasting information.

Source: RESOURCE CRISIS: Why Johnny can’t understand climate: functional illiteracy and the rise of “unpropaganda”

Pope on abortion: Francis relaxes forgiveness ban – BBC News

Pope Francis has said Catholic priests will be allowed to forgive women who have had abortions, and doctors who carry out the procedure.However, the measure is just a temporary one for the coming Jubilee Year, which runs from 8 December – 26 November 2016.In Catholicism, abortion is viewed as such a grave sin that it warrants automatic excommunication.The Pope said many women “believe that they have no other option”.He added that he had “met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonising and painful decision”.The relaxing of the rules is being seen as a major shift Catholic Church policy, reflective of the Pope’s outspoken views on compassion and mercy.

Source: Pope on abortion: Francis relaxes forgiveness ban – BBC News