Bernie Sanders Hits a Triumphant Note As His Crowds Grow | TIME

Bernie Sanders, tan and slightly hoarse after six weeks of campaigning for president, began a stump speech on Monday night with a humble brag of epic proportions. “Sometimes, media people ask me, ‘Well, Bernie, why are so many people coming out to your events?’” Sanders said to a crowd of 7,500 people in Portland, Maine.

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The Harper government is marked by its mean streak – The Globe and Mail

There is something unique about Stephen Harper’s government, a uniqueness that stems from the Prime Minister himself. As articulated by his former adviser Tom Flanagan, Mr. Harper “can be suspicious, secretive and vindictive, prone to sudden eruptions of white-hot rage over meaningless trivia … he believes in playing politics right up to the edge of the rules.” Mr. Flanagan compares him to Richard Nixon, not, I think, meant flatteringly.

Mr. Harper does not have opponents; he has enemies to mow down. To that end, the Prime Minister and his entire government indulge in verbal extremes that were once the exception in Canadian politics. A democratic culture demands civil discourse and a certain respect for one’s opponents. Mr. Harper and his thuggish minions reject this tradition. They don’t debate, they demonize. They are routinely uncivil, cruel and bully without mercy. They know this and revel in it.

None follows these mean-spirited guidelines more enthusiastically than Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. Mr. Alexander tramples everything in his path without mercy. Just the other day in the House, referencing his government’s unyielding opposition to Muslim women wearing the face-covering niqab during citizenship ceremonies, he declared that Canadians “don’t want their co-citizens to be terrorists.”

Now there is in real life only a single case of a woman demanding to wear her niqab at this ceremony, so she must be the terrorist. Her name is Zunera Ishaq and for months the entire Canadian government has piled on this one woman, repeatedly maligning her for wanting to conform to her religious beliefs.

The government of course knows perfectly well the charge is a bald-faced lie. Ms. Ishaq is a terrorist the way “Taliban Jack” Layton – Stephen Harper’s cute smear – was a Taliban sympathizer. But the slurs never stop. Only last week, in full campaign mode, Stephen Harper charged that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s priority is to become “best friends” with the government of Iran, “one of the state sponsors of terrorism in the world.” This is of course yet another shameless lie.

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‘The devil is taking control': Watch SC senator derail Confederate flag debate with insane gay marriage rant

South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright (R) began debate about removing the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds on Monday with a passionate plea for lawmakers to focus on same-sex marriage instead.

As the senators prepared to debate a measure that would remove the flag, Bright took to the floor to point out that President Barack Obama sang “Amazing Grace” at the funeral for nine black church members in Charleston and then later that night the White House was illuminated in rainbow colors to celebrate a Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage.

“I watch the White House be lit up in the abomination colors!” Bright said. “It is time for the church to rise up…. Romans chapter 1 is clear, the Bible is clear. This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and they are under assault by men in black robes who were not elected by you.”

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The Verdict is in: Guess Who’s The Worst President in US History? | San Francisco Sentinel

Americans love to debate about who was the best or worst president in US history. This is a subject that is too important rely on opinion polls which are skewed by individual bias and political views. While It’s difficult to rate how good or bad any president may have been in comparison to another, a careful look at the facts shows one president failed in virtually every aspect of the job to a degree unrivaled by any other.

When you review the facts below and consider his impact on our economy, foreign policy and domestic policy, by almost any standard, it’s difficult to find any president who did more harm and left the country in worse shape than George W. Bush.

As you read this article, please feel free to fact check everything as well as checking the links I provided to verify these facts.

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Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up? – The New York Times

Why are today’s working poor so quiescent? I’m not the only one posing this question.

“Why aren’t the poor storming the barricades?” asks The Economist. “Why don’t voters demand more redistribution?” wonders David Samuels, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota. The headline on an April 7 National Catholic Reporter article reads: “Why aren’t Americans doing more to protest inequality?”

There are legitimate grounds for grievance. For those in the bottom quintile, household income in inflation-adjusted dollars has dropped sharply, from $13,787 in 2000 to $11,651 in 2013. According to the Census Bureau, 64 million Americans currently live in the bottom quintile.

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Left-wing mayor of Madrid to rename Plaza Margaret Thatcher | Daily Mail Online

Spain’s Left-wing Mayor has said she is planning to rename a Plaza currently dedicated to Margaret Thatcher after a former Socialist Party leader and gay rights activist.

Manuela Carmena, who took over from Madrid’s former conservative mayor in May, said Thatcher’s name was inappropriate because she was ‘the Iron Lady who enslaved the workers’.

Her announcement comes just ten months after Mark Thatcher was invited to the Spanish capital to name the plaza after his mother and the former British Prime Minister.

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Just Say No | Robert Kuttner

The No vote to austerity by a margin of 62 to 38 is a stunning vindication of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsiprass tactical gamble and political savvy. However, the Greeks and the austerity-mongers, most notably in Germany, remain as far apart as ever.The press and the European financial elite played Tsiprass surprise referendum as reckless and suicidal. Much of the E.U. establishment was savoring a Yes vote, a Tsipras resignation, and a new center-right unity government as enablers of austerity. But Tsipras demonstrated that he has a far surer grasp of his own people than the Berlin-Brussels echo chamber.The elite press has tended to play this tragedy as a case of Greek self-destruction. The larger story, in truth, is the self-destruction of the European Union.In the short run, the Greek No vote has smoked out the true goals of the worst of the austerity faction such as German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble — to force Greece out of the Eurozone. Schauble, abetted by much of the financial press, tried to redefine the referendum as a vote on whether Greece should keep the euro.

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