Security Council Condemns Malaysia Airlines Downing – WSJ

The U.S. and Russia clashed at the U.N. Security Council on Monday after both voted in favor of a unanimous resolution that condemned the downing of Malaysia Airlines 3786.KU +2.50% Flight 17 and called for an independent international investigation into the incident.Russia voted in favor after the resolution called on the Ukrainian government to “institute” the international probe. An early draft had called on Kiev to “convene” the investigation, leading Russia to argue that the International Civil Aviation Organization would play a subordinate role to the Ukrainian government, whom Russia blames for the crash.”There needs to be a totally independent, open and impartial international investigation, and the ICAO should play a leading role,” Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told the council. He said all evidence, including the flight data recorders, should be given to the ICAO, which should direct all experts on the scene.After the vote, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and Mr. Churkin gave sharply different versions of who was likely responsible for shooting down the Boeing 777 on Thursday, killing all 298 people on board.

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NBC Pulls Its Best Journalist from Gaza Just as Israel Invades | Common Dreams

News of the long-anticipated ground attack on Gaza has just broken. Israeli troops have invaded northern Gaza, vowing to protect Israelis and destroy Hamas—regardless of the human costs to Palestinian civilians. El Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital, the only rehab center in Gaza, has been destroyed by Israeli bombs. Four more small children were killed by an airstrike in eastern Gaza City. Israeli tanks are on the move into the Strip.And now, with the war threatening to spin out of control, the U.S. public has lost one of its most trustworthy reporters in the embattled Gaza Strip. Citing transparently disingenuous “security concerns,” NBC has decided to remove Ayman Mohyeldin—who has been reporting from Gaza for years—from his post and ordered him to leave Gaza immediately.Mohyeldin’s coverage has been even-handed, careful, and comprehensive. His coverage of one of the most recent of the many horror stories of the current war against Gaza was a model for what journalism should look like.

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GOP split in Mississippi over tea partys McDaniel spreads to national party –

Is Chris McDaniel a modern-day Don Quixote tilting at windmills or is he a brave warrior, fighting to the last, for a just cause?Either way, the tea party candidate’s protracted battle against six-term Sen. Thad Cochran R of Mississippi has deepened the split in an already divided Mississippi Republican Party – and is spreading further into the national GOP.More than three weeks after state Senator McDaniel lost his primary runoff to Senator Cochran by more than 7,600 votes, he is still not conceding the race – and not going away quietly. On Thursday he is launching a three-day “Truth and Justice” tour of Mississippi.

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I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame –

I was a 20-year-old college dropout with no more than $100 in the bank the day my son was born in 1994.  I’d been in the Coast Guard just over six months. Joining the service was my solution to a lot of problems, not the least of which was being married to a pregnant, 19-year-old fellow dropout.  We were poor, and my overwhelming response to poverty was a profound shame that drove me into the arms of the people least willing to help — conservatives.Just before our first baby arrived, my wife and I walked into the social services office near the base where I was stationed in rural North Carolina. “You qualify for WIC and food stamps,” the middle-aged woman said.  I don’t know whether she disapproved of us or if all social services workers in the South oozed an understated unpleasantness.  We took the Women, Infants, Children vouchers for free peanut butter, cheese and baby formula and got into the food stamp line.Looking around, I saw no other young servicemen.  Coming from the white working class, I’d always been taught that food stamps were for the “others” — failures, drug addicts or immigrants, maybe — not for real Americans like me.  I could not bear the stigma, so we walked out before our number was called.Even though we didn’t take the food stamps, we lived in the warm embrace of the federal government with subsidized housing and utilities, courtesy of Uncle Sam.  Yet I blamed all of my considerable problems on the government, the only institution that was actively working to alleviate my suffering. I railed against government spending i.e., raising my own salary.  At the same time, the earned income tax credit was the only way I could balance my budget at the end of the year.I felt my own poverty was a moral failure.  To support my feelings of inadequacy, every move I made only pushed me deeper into poverty.  I bought a car and got screwed on the financing.  The credit I could get, I overused and was overpriced to start with.  My wife couldn’t get or keep a job, and we could not afford reliable day care in any case.  I was naive, broke and uneducated but still felt entitled to a middle-class existence.If you had taken WIC and the EITC away from me, my son would still have eaten, but my life would have been much more miserable.  Without government help, I would have had to borrow money from my family more often.  I borrowed money from my parents less than a handful of times, but I remember every single instance with a burning shame.  To ask for money was to admit defeat, to be a de facto loser.

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News For Complaining About Obama Traveling

Some Fox News correspondents are upset that President Obama hasnt visited the Mexican border during an immigration crisis, but then again, theyre also upset that he likes the Enlightenment.On Tuesday nights “Colbert Report,” Stephen poked fun at the cable news networks negative coverage of Obamas recent trips to Colorado and his upcoming vacation in Marthas Vineyard. But it was Fox News’ Peter Johnson Jrs mocking tone when describing Obamas trip to Europe that really made Colberts segment.“The Enlightenment!” Colbert said in a bougie accent. “The 17th and 18th Century movement that believed that knowledge was worth acquiring and that the scientific method is superior to superstition and witchcraft!””Garçon!” he continued, “Please bring us pasteurized milk and vaccines so we can all live past age 30!”Watch the full clip above and stay until the end to hear Colberts own Eurotrip story.

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WHOOPS! AZ Republican Mistakes Busload Of YMCA Campers For Immigrants, Paints False Picture For News Station VIDEO | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

AZCentral is reporting that Tea Party Republican congressional candidate and state legislator Adam Kwasman showed up to the scene of an expected Phoenix protest of the arrival of Central American refugees, ready to make political hay.

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Elizabeth Warren Destroys Janet Yellen – Business Insider

Elizabeth Warren just destroyed Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen over JPMorgans “living will.”In the Dodd-Frank Act, there is a provision, known as a living will, that must describe a companys strategy for, “rapid and orderly resolution in the event of material financial distress or failure of the company.”This provision comes out of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, which triggered the financial crisis and took three years to resolve.Warren has some concerns regarding JPMorgans living will, which she notes has been approved each of the last years.Compared to JPMorgan, Warren said Lehman was “tiny.”Warren noted that at the time of its bankruptcy, Lehman had $639 billion in assets; today, JPMorgan has nearly $2.5 trillion in assets.

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GOP moderates revolt in Kansas – Manu Raju –

WICHITA, Kan. — Moderate Republicans have been kicked around by the tea party for years in Congress and the states.Here in Kansas, they’re fighting back.

A moderate GOP uprising is in full swing against Gov. Sam Brownback, the fierce fiscal and social conservative whose policies led to a purge of middle-of-the-road Republicans from the legislature early in his tenure.In a rare and surprising act of political defiance on Tuesday, more than 100 Republicans, including current and former officeholders, endorsed Brownback’s opponent, statehouse Democratic leader Paul Davis. Polls show the challenger with a surprisingly strong shot at taking out Brownback in November.

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From Sarah Palin to John Boehner: the range of GOP craziness – LA Times

Politically speaking, Sarah Palin is crazy — but in an entertaining way. Speaker of the House John Boehner may look reasonable by comparison, but his supposed rationality is pretty dubious.Before I proceed to pick on these GOP icons, I want to acknowledge that I spend a lot of time blasting Republicans in my columns and cartoons. Many readers assume it’s because I’m a commie-pinko, America-hating liberal Democrat. Actually, my constant critique of today’s GOP has more to do with the fact that I grew up in a time and place where Republicans were often the smart, sane ones and quite a few Democrats were part of a regressive, corrupt old guard.

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Watch Steve Liesman demolish Rick Santellis inflation fearmongering live on CNBC – Vox

Rick Santelli is a longtime presence on CNBC whos very popular with the commodity traders in Chicago who form the backdrop to his appearances. Hes also a big time inflation fearmonger, always warning about the dire consequences of the Federal Reserves latest moves to bolster the economy. Last and by no means least, hes famous for his 2009 “rant” against bailouts of overly indebted homeowners that did so much to frighten people in the White House away from the politics of debt relief.Today, Josh Brown of provoked him into a huge meltdown, after which Steve Liesman absolutely took him to school pointing out that anyone whod listened to his inflationista advice over the years would have lost a ton of money.Watch:

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