My E-Book Will Be On Sale Soon!

I am close to completing an e-book entitled “A Modest Proposal for the Dissolution of the United States.” I have complied a narrative about what went wrong in the last 40 years, and why dissolution is the best solution.

I will announce it here, and I intend to post it on the Amazon and iBook stores, and any other I can think.  And guess what it’ll cost?

99¢!  That’s right, less than $1!

I’ll make you a deal: if you genuinely think my argument is bunk, and can prove it, I’ll give you $2.  In exchange for that guarantee, if you like it, please spread the word.  Deal?

I’ll keep you posted.


The buggers are out to get us: aristocrats on independence fears | UK news | theguardian.com

They might not be found on the campaign trail and they wouldnt be caught dead with a placard, but Scotlands reclusive aristocrats have expressed grave fears about the prospect of independence.In a rare series of interviews from their ancestral castles, a string of Scottish grandees confided in the high-society magazine Tatler about their concerns if Scotland votes yes next week – not least the prospect of a dreaded castle tax.”This place eats money. But what if Salmond imposes a mansion tax? Were done for,” said Eleanor, the Duchess of Argyll, who lives with her elephant polo champion husband Torquhil at Inveraray Castle in west Scotland. Their grey-stone castle, which appeared in the Downton Abbey Christmas special in 2012, is the jewel in the crown of their 60,000-acre estate.One nameless aristocrat, whose family was reputedly involved in the 1707 Act of Union, railed about the Scottish National Party supporters seeking to break away from the union: “The buggers are out to get us!” The crossbench peer Lord Adrian Palmer, of the Huntley and Palmers biscuit dynasty, was not enamoured by Alex Salmonds party. “I mean, [the pro-independence movement] simply do not know what theyre doing,” he scoffed.

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Scottish Independence Supporters Lead Poll For First Time

LONDON, Sept 6 Reuters – Supporters of Scottish independence have taken their first opinion poll lead since the referendum campaign began, according to a YouGov survey for the Sunday Times newspaper.With less than two weeks to go before the Sept. 18 vote, the poll puts the “Yes” to independence campaign on 51 percent, with the unionists on 49 percent, overturning a 22-point lead for the unionist campaign in just a month, the Sunday Times said.The paper announced the headline results in a news release ahead of publication. No further details of the poll were immediately available.”The YouGov survey … shows that the nationalists have taken a two-point lead and are poised to triumph in the referendum,” the paper said.After months of surveys showing nationalists heading for defeat, recent polls have been showing the gap narrowing to the extent that they raise the real prospect that secessionists led by Alex Salmonds Scottish National Party SNP could achieve their goal of breaking the 307-year-old union with England.A previous YouGov poll on Sept. 1 put the lead for the “no” to secession campaign at just six points, down from 14 points in the middle of August and 22 points at the start of that month.

via Scottish Independence Supporters Lead Poll For First Time.

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Vapid Granolas Not Wanted

Rep. Steve Stockman R-TX is looking for an intern this fall but “mushy pleasers/appeasers” should not apply, the Washington Post reports.From the help-wanted ad: “HINT: vapid granolas who fear guns, hate babies, are ashamed of America, and think Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens are just misunderstood will not be comfortable here.”

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EU moves to ramp up Russia sanctions as Ukraine calls for NATO membership | Al Jazeera America

European Union leaders at Saturdays Brussels summit were set to ask the European Commission and the EUs diplomatic service “to urgently undertake preparatory work” on further sanctions against Russia, according to a draft statement, after Ukraine accused Russia of sending soldiers across the border.French President Francois Hollande stressed that a failure by Russia to reverse a flow of weapons and troops into eastern Ukraine would force the bloc to impose new economic measures.”Are we going to let the situation worsen, until it leads to war?” Hollande said at a news conference. “Because thats the risk today. There is no time to waste.”European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU was prepared to toughen sanctions against Russia but also that it wanted a political deal to end the confrontation.”We are ready to take very strong and clear measures but we are keeping our doors open to a political solution,” Barroso said at a news conference with Ukraines president.Ukraine called on Friday for full membership in NATO, its strongest plea yet for Western military help, after accusing Russia of sending in armored columns that have driven back its forces on behalf of pro-Moscow rebels. Russia has dismissed allegations of an incursion into Ukrainian territory, and said that hundreds of Ukraines soldiers had crossed into its territory in recent months.

via EU moves to ramp up Russia sanctions as Ukraine calls for NATO membership | Al Jazeera America.

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Jesse Benton Mitch McConnell Campaign Manager Resigns Bribery | Mediaite

The Kentucky Herald-Leader is reporting that Jesse Benton, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager has said he will resign over a bribery scandal that he fears could become too big of a distraction to the Kentucky Republican’s reelection bid.Benton acted as political director for former Rep. Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign and has since been accused of being personally involved in bribing former Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson to move from Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign to his. Sorenson plead guilty to accepting at least $73,000 in concealed funds from the Paul campaign in 2012.

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